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A Note on Alivelihoods

Over the past few decades, the world of work has changed rapidly. From times when one would strive to get a stable lifelong job, today we are witnessing an unprecedented rise in start-up culture and the gig economy.
Now, times have become even more compelling in the wake of the Corona pandemic, where a vast majority of people have taken salary cuts, or lost their jobs and are barely surviving.

At the same time, millennials and younger generations are looking for purpose and meaning in their work. They want to work for causes they believe in and at places where they are an integral part of developing a work culture, which addresses global environmental challenges, and allows for a more fulfilling life on a personal level.


Corporate slavery is running out of time. 


Amidst so many push and pull factors - what holds together the state of our ever expanding, yet constantly failing economy together?

Would you like to do work which engages your head, heart and hands and is in harmony with nature?


Are you tired of being exploited at your workplace and engaging in work that exploits our home planet?

Are you tired of employers valuing only your CV and not acknowledging your vibrant gifts and unique personality?

Are you tired of your destructive relationship with money?

...Are you ready for the big shift?

We believe this is chance for humanity to shift from:


  • Climbing the ladder to nowhere in our current economic system to building cohesive, localised circular economies

  • Working 8 hours in a job one doesn’t like to working 24 hours a day in a job you love doing 

  • Exploiting the planet to more regenerative economic practices 

  • Corporate slavery to democratically run cooperatives 

  • Endless student debts to endless student explorations, apprenticeships and innovations

  • Mindset of entitlement over natural resources to being a grateful guest on earth

  • Livelihood to Alivelihood

Team Alivelihoods Career Mela!

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